Signs Your Garage Door or Opener Needs To Be Replaced

Posted Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

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Signs your garage door or opener needs to be replaced

Have you been noticing some issues with your garage door? Has it not been opening correctly and not quite sure what the problem is? There’s no need to leave it unattended. Here are a couple of signs to know if your garage door or opener needs to be replaced.


Garage Door Opener

Before stating that the garage door opener needs a replacement, it’s important to note if the door is well balanced and lubed. From there, you can rule out a few issues. Other signs such as excessive noise, slow to move, or failure to open are essential to note. Sometimes it can be that your garage door opener is old or outdated. Installing a new opener can fix a lot of issues as well as have better safety precautions. Openers installed before 1993 did not have the same safety standards that are required today. A lot of door openers are still not UL 325 code compliant, and our technicians do not adjust openers that don’t have photo eyes. All of our garage door openers, commercial door operators, and gate operators comply with the industry’s highest safety requirements, including the UL 325 standard.


Garage Door

Your garage doors must be maintained not only aesthetic reasons but also practical. Other than your garage door refusing to open or close, you may be noticing that the garage door moves awkwardly. It may be because of faulty wiring or coming off its tracks. If the garage door isn’t well balanced or lubed, it can cause several issues to the door. A garage door is supposed to move smoothly and steadily, with no tremors or odd tremors along the way. A few components, such as the tracks, belt, and roller and cause it to be shaky. These issues can cause the garage door to break ultimately. It is essential to bring attention to it. If you are noticing the exterior of your garage door chipping away or cracked, it’s important to get it replaced. Protect your household from rodents and other animals by addressing the broken parts of your door. A garage door that is not in the best shape can lead to higher utility costs because the door isn’t sealing the outdoor elements.


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