Fireplace Conversions & Upgrades


We can help you update and maintain your fireplace to provide fresh air, warmth and style for years to come. We’re experts in converting & retrofitting fireplaces for a variety of needs, whether it’s updating a wood fireplace to gas, changing gas logs to an efficient gas insert or replacing an outdated insert with a new, modern one.

Upgrading an Outdated Insert to a Modern Insert (Retrofit)

Style changes over time, meaning the fireplace that was installed when your home was built might be outdated. By retrofitting your fireplace, you avoid extensive remodeling costs, & enjoy new contemporary designs & higher efficiencies.

Update your existing fireplace with a new, modern insert. A retrofit will remove the old, outdated insert and install a new, more efficient one—all without disrupting your flooring or walls. And of course, we offer warranty protection and a lifetime guarantee on all products and services.

Wood Fireplace to a Gas Insert

You can convert a wood fireplace to gas for about the same cost as a new wood insert. Plus, you’ll get eco-friendly and energy efficient heating that lasts up to 3 times longer than a wood insert.

Wood fireplaces are appealing, but maintenance and upkeep can become a burden. They’re also not very efficient. Choosing to upgrade to an insert provides many of the same benefits and more, including:

  • Cleaner burning
  • Less maintenance
  • Easier to operate and maintain

Replacing an Older Gas Log Set with an Insert Solution

Are you worried about the safety and efficiency of your gas logs? Replace your old logs with a new, modern insert today!

As the name implies, gas inserts are used to replace gas log sets. These inserts can be placed in a variety of fireplaces, including masonry and factory units. They’re better than old gas logs for a variety of reasons, including:

Convenience: You can control the flame with a remote control.
Cost effective: Less energy is wasted.

Add to the appeal and value of your home

It’s more than just a fireplace.

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Coal Fireplace Conversion

We can help you update and maintain your fireplace to provide fresh air, warmth and style for years to come.

We work with homeowners, home builders and architects to convert or upgrade fireplaces during remodels or when you decide it’s time to improve the efficiency and appeal of an existing fireplace. We have a large inventory from the leading manufacturers, each selected for the quality and design of their product line and work with each client to determine the best solutions for their unique home.

By trusting your project with us, you enjoy honest answers, a smoothly completed project, and higher integrity of products and workmanship. Our team of highly trained, fully bonded, and licensed professionals draws from extensive industry experience, delivering greater return from your investment.

Why consider Fireplace Conversion:

  • Purchase and installation of a fireplace insert costs less than renovating or rebuilding your fireplace or chimney.
  • Improve heating efficiency for monthly cost savings
  • Take advantage of a closed-door, insulated system that generates more heat
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Choose from a wide variety of styles and models to improve aesthetics
  • Include fans to distribute heat more evenly
  • Regulate the fire by remote control
  • Decide on the fuel source that’s right for you, including wood, natural gas, and pellet