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Cressy Door and Fireplace is an A+ rated garage door and fireplace company serving communities across the Pacific Northwest including Alaska, since 1952. Our showrooms are located in Seattle (Shoreline) and Kent Washington. We have a team of certified experts available Monday thru Friday, 7am - 4pm, to answer any and all questions in regards to garage doors and fireplaces.

A Relationship Built Over Time, Over Trust

Cressy Door and Fireplace is committed to providing our NW neighbors Best-In-Class-Service. We are your trusted advisor for all questions related to sales, installation and service of your garage doors, commercial doors and fireplaces. As the local subject matter experts, we stay in touch, listen and find the best solutions. We are approachable and available. We’ll be there when you call.

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Fire Door Testing Requirements

Doorways are a critical component to any building. The fact is, they are the safe passage in and out. During emergency situations they can contribute significantly to the overall health and wellbeing of the occupants. They also protect the building and save fire fighters lives! For these reasons, it is critically important to assure that […]

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Commercial Door Maintenance Checklist: Rolling / Coiling Steel Doors

Preventative maintenance is a vital step in assuring your commercial doors are safe and last for as long as possible. We recommend following a checklist. We also advise having your doors evaluated at least one time per year by a trained and certified technician. Below are some maintenance specifics for rolling doors. Recommended Preventative Maintenance […]

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Bad Bobs Commercial doors

Rip Off Report: Who Are The Bad Bob’s Providing Commercial Door Service and Repair?

As a business owner, I find it appalling that there are companies out there providing commercial door service and repair who are down right deceptive. They lowball hourly rates and over charge for parts. They even recommend unnecessary repairs. What’s worse, our city and county municipalities along with public transportation companies have fallen for their […]

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