Automatic Swing and Sliding Doors

Posted Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Automatic Swing and Sliding Doors

Automatic Swing and Sliding Doors

If you own or manage a business, you know that the external part of your building is just as important as the inside. Having an old automatic door or one that is out of service doesn’t make a great impression on a customer. We are a record dealer for automatic sliding and swinging doors.

Our most common sliding door is the 5100 Series. This system provides a silent microprocessor driven gear reduction belt drive operation for years of dependable service. The 5100 Series sliding door is not only available in all ANSI configurations, but can be applied to all types of specialty applications. This sliding door ensures the safest, secure and attractive entranceway. It provides a variety of different operating modes, multiple safety functions, and more.

The most common swing door operator we provide is the 8100 Series Heavy Duty Unit. This type of door is installed on existing manual doors, making it a cost-effective upgrade to automatic. This swing door is engineered to automate swing doors in high traffic situations. It has been successfully used in Hospitals, Supermarkets, airports, and more.

We also provide the DC One Sliding Door Retrofit. This method salvages an existing door and replaces all the internal consumable parts such as the motor, belt, guides, and more. With half the labor time and cost of a new door replacement, DC One Sliding Door Retrofit is a way to resolve your service issues. This is a great option for those who do not have the budget for a new sliding door unit, but need to get their existing door up and running again!

If you are looking into upgrading your doors at your business, we have great options for you. Our service techs are AAADM certified and are ready to install your automated or swing door. Contact us for more information.




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