Choosing the Perfect Garage Door: Step by Step Guide

Posted Tuesday, November 28th, 2017


Are you looking to replace or add a new garage door to your home? It may be hard to know where to start. You may have questions such as:

Which company will work for me?
What style garage door is best suited for my home?
What material is ideal for our climate and easy-care living?
Where do I begin?

You’re in luck! Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a change, a builder buying for a new project, or a property managing needing just the right fit – Cressy Door and Fireplace will walk you through the steps necessary to select the most suitable garage door for your situation.

You may ask, “How will I know which garage door is perfect for me?” Consider this:

Which company is right for me?
What is the correct style of garage door for my home?
What material will work best?
Should I choose an insulated door?

The Right Company

Finding the right garage door company is an essential first step. You will want to work with a trusted and approachable company that specializes in all things garage doors – sales, installation, repairs, and maintenance. Choose a company that will provide expert guidance with each decision in the purchasing process.

The right garage door company is approachable and available to help you navigate the entire garage door buying process. They will familiarize themselves with your specific needs and respond to any questions or concerns you may have. From choosing the style and material to installation, maintenance, and repair – the right garage door company will be with you every step of the way.

The Correct Style

Finding the right style of garage door for your home is about understanding the right fit, the right “look and feel” and the right material for your specific needs. Consider these types of construction:

Carriage House

Infinity Classic™ by Northwest Door

Infinity Classic™ by Northwest Door

Carriage House is a popular design that offers a unique look to any garage. Aimed to mimic the appearance of a carriage house – an outbuilding designed to house horse-drawn carriages – this style is deceptively modern in its functionality. Increase your home value by an estimated 83% when you choose a Carriage House style garage door. It holds the highest ROI of any garage door style on the market today.

Popular Models

Wayne Dalton Model 9700Wayne Dalton Model 6600Wayne Dalton Model 9405Northwest Door 500 SeriesNorthwest Door Infinity Classic


Wayne Dalton Model 8850

Searching for a garage door that is stylish and current? Perhaps the contemporary styled door is the one for you. A “contemporary” door will fuse the indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly and can be made of glass, copper, aluminum, steel, or wood. Perfect for the modern home.

Popular Models

Wayne Dalton Model 8800Wayne Dalton Model 8850Wayne Dalton 9100 & 9600Northwest Door 500 SeriesNorthwest Door Modern Classic



Northwest Door Therma Tech

Also referred to as “raised panel,” this garage door is a simple design that is versatile, easily customizable, and works for many different styles of homes. You can customize your door with windows, decorative accents, and your choice of paint color.

Popular Models

Wayne Dalton 100 • Wayne Dalton 300Wayne Dalton 7100 • Wayne Dalton 7400Wayne Dalton 40 SeriesNorthwest Panel Doors



Wayne Dalton Luminous™

If you are looking for unique and lavish, these sleek doors precisely mirror the clean lines and glass expanses of a contemporary home.

Popular Model

Wayne Dalton Model 9800: Designer fiberglass artfully molded to conceal the durable steel construction underneath.

Easy-Care Living


Wayne Dalton Model 8700

Looking for a door that is durable enough to put up with the kicks and bangs of an active family? Need a door that doesn’t require you to “care”? These low-maintenance garage doors are strong and worry-free. Models are made of solid vinyl construction that will prevent them from rusting, fading, cracking, denting rotting and warping.

Popular Models

Wayne Dalton Model 8700

The Right Material

Choosing the right material for your garage door depends on your needs and desires for your home. Most garage doors today are made of steel simply because it is a durable material with an approachable cost. However, there are many things to consider when choosing the right material for your garage door. Durable and low-cost may not be top priorities. You will want to weigh all of your options and consider


Flush or Raised Panel Designs
Durable and Energy Efficient

Natural Wood

Unlimited Design Options & Wood Species
Option for Paint or Stain

Aluminum / Glass

Commercial Rust-Resistant Frame
Glass Options to Control Light and Privacy

Composite / Faux Wood

The Natural Wood-Look Without the Upkeep
Will Not Warp, Rot, Split or Crack
Customizable Design
Option of Paint or Stain
Energy Efficient


Rust & Fade Free
Crack & Dent Resistant
Easy-Care Living
Lasts Forever

Insulation – Yes or No?

Depending on whether your garage is attached to your home or you have rooms above or adjacent, deciding on insulation can vary in degree of importance. A garage with attached rooms may call for better insulation than a garage that is completely detached and unheated.

Simply put, insulation is the material that has the ability to reduce heat or cold transmission. If insulation is of high importance, then knowing the R-value is essential. R-value is a number that represents the ability of a material to retard the transmission of heat. The higher the R-value, the better the door’s insulating performance. If you spend a significant amount of time in your garage, you will want to purchase a door that offers a high Rvalue.

Cressy Door and Fireplace always recommends a garage door with ample insulation.

Narrowing Down “The One”

While educating yourself on the different styles and materials for garage doors helps to narrow the search for the perfect garage door, you may still be wondering, “What will it look like on my home?”

Whether you’re renovating an existing garage door for your home or building a home entirely from scratch, these Garage Door Wizards and Step-by-Step Videos will help you design the perfect garage door. Still have questions? Give our experts a call. Contact Cressy Door and Fireplace now! 

Garage Door Online Design Tools

Wayne Dalton

Step-by-Step Garage Door Buying Videos

Wayne Dalton
Northwest Door

Download our step-by-step garage door buying guide “Choosing The Perfect Garage Door.”