Designer Steel Garage Doors by Wayne Dalton

Posted Thursday, November 3rd, 2016


Wayne Dalton continues to dazzle homeowners with their innovative garage door solutions. The new Model 9510 features tall section heights, large windows, and full section embossment designs. This collection not only enhances a home’s curb appeal, it is assured to catch the eye of any passerby. Take a look at these new designer steel garage doors by Wayne Dalton.

Wayne Dalton Model 9510
Designer Steel Garage Doors


Vicksburg panel design

Model 9510 has Wayne Dalton’s TorqueMaster® Plus Counterbalance System. It’s exclusive spring and anti-drop safety technology as well as pinch-resistant door panels are a must to keep your kids DOOR safe. This garage door is guaranteed to maintain its beauty year-round and keep your home warm with an insulation R-value of 12.

These doors are also compatible with the Wayne Dalton TruChoiceColor System, a custom paint process that offers over 6,000 color options. Homeowners can match this model to just about any shade they desire.

Wayne Dalton’s Model 9510 comes in a variety of styles and colors with specialty windows and hardware options. For more information on these designer steel garage doors, visit our gallery.