Is It Time to Replace or Repair Your Garage Door?

Posted Wednesday, December 14th, 2016


Cressy Door and Fireplace sees and solves a lot of problems with garage doors, often without replacing them. Unfortunately, after years of hard use, some doors have simply suffered too much wear and tear. There may be some safety issues as well. If you are curious whether or not you should attempt to have your door repaired or replaced, here are some tips for understanding when it is most likely time to replace your garage door.

Is it Time to Replace or Repair Your Garage Door?

You may want to replace your garage door if:

  • You are unhappy with the garage door’s appearance.
  • You are moving soon and you would like to increase the resale value of your home.
  • Your current doors have issues:
    • Poorly insulated
    • Sections can pinch fingers
    • Doors won’t reverse on contact

Signs your door may be beyond replacing:

  • Broken sections
    • Loose or missing insert panels
    • Dented or deformed pieces causing a poor fit
    • Rotted wood
    • Misaligned panels
  • Excessive Vibration
    • Rollers may be rusted
    • Rollers may have popped out of the tracks
    • Springs and cable may be broken or out of adjustment
  • Noisy Operation
    • Rollers and hinges haven’t been lubricated
    • Uneven side to side tension on the door
    • Word shaft bearings on the opener
  • Cameras / Safety Eyes Not Functioning
    • Doors close when you press the remote and there is an obstruction
    • LED sensor lights are not on
    • Door won’t reverse on contact

If you are having any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Cressy Door and Fireplace for an evaluation over the phone or in person. One of our technicians will be happy to visit your home and assess your door.

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