Scam Alert! 3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Garage Door Repair Company

Posted Wednesday, September 13th, 2017


The first 15 seconds of any phone call to a potential garage door repair company are very important. You are getting ready to invite them to your home and into your garage. Save yourself trouble and potentially a lot of money by asking some simple questions.

Ask These 3 Questions to Detect a Garage Door Repair Scammer Company

Question 1: Company Identification

Scammers can advertise under many names. But when you call, they are forced to answer with a specific name. If they answer with a generic name like, “Garage Doors” or “Garage Door Service”, they may be trying to hide their identity.

Question 2: Company Name

If the company does not give their name upfront, ask them directly. If they don’t know it or their stated name differs from the company you expected, they are likely a scammer. Sometimes they claim they just bought the company. Beware and don’t trust their answer. Find out for yourself and call for another bid from another known name company in your area.

Question 3: Street Address

Ask the company for their specific street address in your area. Later if you have billing or warranty issues, you will need to know where they are. If they can’t give you their own address, they are likely a scammer. Hang up and call a local company who isn’t afraid to let you know their location.

Keep in mind, professional garage door repair companies want you to know who they are, where they are, and how you can reach them at any time. They want your business for years to come. If the company you call doesn’t meet the test, hang up and call someone who does.

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For more information about garage door scams, view this video from the IDA (International Door Association).

How to Detect a Garage Door Repair Scammer