Real-Fyre – What a “Real Fire” is Meant to Be!

Posted Thursday, September 21st, 2017


Nothing compares to the experience of sharing the warmth of a fire. That’s why at Cressy Door and Fireplace we are committed to finding and selling only the best manufacturers in the business. One of our highly desired brands is Real-Fyre. They have stunning product lines and a terrific story.

Bob Peterson, owner and founder of Real-Fyre, was a natural inventor. He was inspired to create a fireplace that would keep going without having to work hard at it. He engineered a solution that would become today’s gas burning fireplace.

At Real-Fyre, the team believes sharing a fire together is central to human connection and happiness. That’s why their purpose is to help people create uncommonly beautiful, convenient, and pleasurable experiences in their home. The Real-Fyre Contemporary Collection is the perfect alignment to their purpose.

Real-Fyre’s Contemporary Collection – A Perfect Alignment of Purpose

Real-Fyre Fyrebacks


Fyrebacks are specially designed to augment the flame reflection in your fireplace while providing a functional backdrop for your fire logs or contemporary alternative products. View Product Information


Real-Fyre Gems


The rounded smooth surfaces reflect the fire for a vibrant sea of colors. View Product Information


Real-Fyre Glass

Crushed Fyre Glass shines radiantly for a brilliant reflective effect. View Product Information


Real-Fyre Diamond Nuggets

Real-Fyre’s newest contemporary glass sparkles with a unique prismatic brilliance. View Product Information


Real-Fyre Geometric Stones

Comes in a variety of smooth stone and geometric shapes for a unique contemporary look. View Product Information 


Real-Fyre River Rocks

A variety of smooth stone shapes that create an earthy yet contemporary look. View Product Information 


Real-Fyre’s Guiding Principals

Integrity and quality are the cornerstones of everything we do and everything we make. What we build, we build for people who value quality and integrity as highly as we do. That’s why no one in the industry puts more artistry or engineering into the process of creating your gas fireplace products. That same unmatched attention to detail and performance is also evident in our business relationships and our customer service.

For more information on Real-Fyre products, give us a call. We are always delighted to share our fireplace knowledge with our Pacific Northwest neighbors. Contact Cressy Door and Fireplace Now!