Attack Resistant Retrofit Kits Are Making Our Schools Safer

Posted Wednesday, May 8th, 2019


Everyday, in schools across our nation, administrators are tasked with keeping our children safe. Tragedies like Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Douglas bring a greater focus on solutions which can save lives in the event of an active shooter attack. Here, at Cressy Door and Fireplace, we too are looking for innovative ways to make K-12 schools safer for our children.

One solution we highly recommend is the installation of Attack Resistant Retrofit KIts. Curries, one of our door manufacturers, has partnered with School Guard Glass to provide retrofits which are designed to replace glazing in existing hollow metal and wood doors. This vital countermeasure enhances security and delays access from intrusion. In fact, the extra time helps to keep occupants safe until first responders can neutralize the threat. Replacing glazing or glazing with film in existing wood or metal doors with the Attack Resistant Retrofit Kit is an easy and affordable solution to enhance the security of any opening especially in schools.

Attack Resistant Retrofit Infographic








Upgrade the security of your existing doors with Curries Attack Resistant Retrofit Kits featuring School Guard Glass. This is a convenient way to dramatically enhance a building’s security without purchasing or installing new doors or frames. See how it works in this video.

If your interested learning more about this important safety improvement for your school, please visit our product page. Curries Attack Resistant Retrofit Kits by Assa Abloy. Or reach out to our Pedestrian Door team.

Let’s work together to protect our children and make our schools safer!