Attack Resistant Retrofit Kits

Hollow Metal and Wood Doors

School Guard Glass is available in a retrofit light kit or glass only for existing sidelights and borrowed lights.

CURRIES is pleased to partner with School Guard Glass to offer Attack Resistant Retrofit Kits in standard and custom sizes to replace glazing in existing hollow metal and wood doors to enhance security and to delay access from intrusion.

The Attack Resistant Retrofit Kit which includes a Ceco Type 2 (metal door) or Type 10 (wood door) light kit, SG5 glass, plus the supplied glazing compound and tape has been third party tested to withstand a brutal physical attack from an intruder for over 4 minutes and shot 30 times in a 6″x6″ area. Although bullets will penetrate the SG5 glass it will remain in place to prevent access.

This extra time helps to keep occupants safe until first responders can neutralize the threat. Replacing glazing or glazing with film in existing wood or metal doors with the Attack Resistant Retrofit Kit is an easy and affordable solution to enhance the security of any opening especially in schools.

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