3 Important New Year’s Resolutions for Your Garage Doors

Posted Sunday, January 12th, 2020


While you’re busy honoring the New Year’s resolutions you made for yourself, you might want to think about some for your home as well. In fact, you might even consider making a few for your garage doors. Here are 3 Important Garage Door New Year’s Resolutions which will not only increase their efficiency and functionality, they’ll also improve security.

Resolution #1: Give Your Garage Door a Tune-up

Did you know your garage doors are likely the hardest working appliances in your home? It’s not hard to grasp, as many people open and close them more than 10 times per day. With all of that movement, parts can wear out overtime. Be sure to do a visual inspection and check for all of the following this year:

o Broken springs
o Worn out cables
o Noisy rollers
o Peeling paint, rust or dents
o Bent or twisted tracks
o Bent or broken hinges

Please keep this in mind. The International Door Association or IDA recommends contacting a garage door maintenance professional when it’s time to replace springs, cables, rollers, tracks, and hinges. Since garage doors are under extreme tension, they can cause serious harm and even death if not properly handled. When in doubt, call Cressy Door and Fireplace. Our team of garage door technicians are great to work with and will always be straightforward and honest about necessary repairs.

Resolution #2: Upgrade to LED lights

If you haven’t already started to replace your old light bulbs with LED bulbs, now’s the time.
LEDs use between 30 and 50 percent less electricity than the old ultraviolet ones. Not only will you save on your energy bill, you’ll change bulbs less often.

Resolution #3: Improve Your Garage Door Security

Unfortunately, it’s no secret. Crime is up around the Sound. If you want to keep your family and belongings safe, it’s time to improve your garage door security.

There are many options when thinking about improving garage door security. One our team likes to recommend is installing a new garage door opener. And boy, do we have a snazzy option for you.

Genie has developed a SMART garage door opener called, The Aladdin Connect. This reliable garage door controller is selling like hot cakes. Check it out.

A SMART Device Enabled Garage Door Controller – Genie Aladdin Connect

Monitoring who is going in and out of your garage or having the ability to use your SMART device to open the garage door gives peace-of-mind and control. The Genie Aladdin Connect does this and more. Not only can you check whether the garage door is open or closed, you can:

  • Instantly know someone is operating your garage door, whether the person is authorized or not.
  • Know when someone is manually operating your doors, so you can take necessary steps to find out who and why.
  • Open the door for anyone such as delivery or repair persons, relatives, or friends when they call or text you upon their arrival. You will no longer have to provide temporary access passwords.
  • Have a history for each opener of when the door was used including dates & times.

SMART-Genie-Aladdin-Connect-Garage-Door-OpenerThe Genie Aladdin Connect uses a sensor attached to the garage door itself. You are alerted when the door changes to the fully open or closed position even if the door is operated manually by disengaging the door from the opener. This is a big security advantage versus other systems that simply monitor the opener instead of the garage door position.

From everyone at Cressy Door and Fireplace, we wish you a fantastic 2020. Please let us know when we can be of service. Contact Cressy Door and Fireplace.