Tacoma Garage Door Repair



If you are a resident of Tacoma, then you know that living in the area is exciting and beautiful and has a lot more to offer than can meet the eye. There’s a special something about the homes in the Tacoma area, but an important thing to keep in mind about homes with garages is that proper maintenance is key. When the garage door is not working as it should, you have to find a company that specializes in the maintenance, repair, and care of garage doors.

That’s where the team at Cressy Door & Fireplace can come in. We provide the quality garage door repair services you are in need of, while ensuring that the door continues to be maintained through its lifetime.


Garage Door Assessment and Repairs

Whether you have a faulty spring, or the door is cracked on one side; we can recommend the best course of action to repair it and get it back up and running.

There are so many things that can go wrong and when we come out after being called, we do a complete assessment of the door. We want to make sure you’re obtaining the best service, but also that the correct repair is being performed.

Some of the most common repairs that we’ve seen include, but are not limited to:

  • The opener or garage door itself is unresponsive and does not work.
  • The garage door either does not shut all of the way, or it does not open all of the way. It might shut or close on its own.
  • The garage door is making a loud noise which sounds like grinding or screeching.
  • There is a large crack, break, or opening in the garage door.

Speak with us here at Cressy Door & Fireplace when you are in need of some help with your garage door. We take pride in the work that we do and are professionals in the field. You just have to call us when you are in need of garage door repairs in the Tacoma area, or anything else garage door related. Call today!