Steel Ranger™ 9000 L Rigid High Performance Rolling Steel Doors

Posted Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Steel Ranger garage door

Designed for shop door openings

Hörmann is one of the world’s leading high speed roll up door manufacturers. They are a global leader in a wide range of doors for industrial and commercial applications. At Hörmann, constant innovation and quality assurance are their hallmarks. That’s why at Cressy Door and Fireplace we often recommend Hörmann to our customers.

If you are looking for a high-performance door for your shop, seek no further. The Steel Ranger™ 9000 L is perfect for interior or exterior applications where speed, safety, and high cycles are needed. Here’s what makes the Steel Ranger™ 9000 L so great!

Steel Ranger™ 9000 L Door Details

Exclusive Decotherm steel panel

Extremely strong and durable, the Steel Ranger™ 9000 L has exclusive insulated Decotherm® steel panel slats. They are constructed of a polyurethane core and covered with a triple layered skin: galvanized layer – a sheet steel layer – galvanized layer – surface finish. This special layering process makes the panel especially resistant to damage caused by transportation, installation, and operation.

Built-in light grid automatically reverses the door

A standard, built-in light grid is integral within the low-profile guide tracks and protects personnel and goods from contact with the door. Light beams shine across the opening, and if a beam is interrupted, the door is automatically reversed. In addition to protecting people and goods, this system reduces the likelihood of damage to the door which saves on maintenance costs and downtime.

Unbeatable 5 & 2 – 500,000 cycle warranty

A direct-drive, springless design enables the inclusion of an exciting 500,000 cycle warranty. Hörmann ensures a dependable, maintenance-free operation that progressive companies desire. The unbeatable 5 & 2 – 500,000 cycle warranty is: five years on the motor / gearbox (excluding catch system) and two years on electrical components. 500,000 cycle warranty on door operation.


Model 9000L
Option 1: Up to 16’0″ wide x 14’0″ high or
Option 1: 21’0″ wide x 10’8″ high.

Model 9000 LH
Up to 21’0″ wide x 9’0″ high.

Windows Optional

Size: Rectangular window is 5-5/8″ wide x 1-3/4″
Type: high, double pane, polycarbonate.


Opening: Up to 45″ per second.
Closing: 20″ per second.

Customer Testimonial

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