Shoreline Garage Door Repair

Just a short distance from Seattle, Shoreline offers the best in living next to a large city but without being in the city. With its own distinct, rich culture, Shoreline is the home to many amazing businesses large and small. And, with a population of more than 50,000 it’s also a place where many great people call home.

Residential and commercial garage door repair is oftentimes a necessity for these Shoreline homes and businesses because nothing can be more frustrating than arriving to your home or business and effectively being locked out by a malfunctioning door.

However, unlike many projects, these doors require someone who understands how they work. You want to hire a professional to not only provide the installation, replacements, and maintenance, but also the repairs that may be required due to wear and tear.


Common Garage Door Issues

There are a number of garage door issues that can come about. Regardless of how they happened, the professionals at Cressy can assess the situation. We may be able to provide the repair right then and there depending on what it is, as we have fully equipped vehicles!

Some of the issues that are commonly found with garage doors that our professionals have been able to repair are:

  • Your transmitter is no longer working
  • The door has a dent or break in it that is causing it to not open
  • The track is not aligned 
  • The door is not opening or closing at all 

You will be provided with more information once the assessment has been performed.


Quality Shoreline Garage Door Repair 

Hiring a professional to help you obtain the garage door repair you’re in need of is essential. Here at Cressy Door and Fireplace, we provide the highest calibre of help that you’ll require when your garage door is not working how it should.

If you’re ready to speak with the professionals who can provide you with the help needed, give us a call at (206) 632-0533. We can provide more insight into the help needed, but also have our professionals come out and do an assessment. We strive to provide the best garage door service possible. Call us today!