Security of Pedestrian Doors

Posted Monday, November 30th, 2020

Security of Pedestrian Doors

Several popular products are for securing doors, windows, shutters, gates, and cabinets, including surface bolts and steel latch guards. These extra security measures can give you peace of mind and make your business harder to break into. These systems can be applied to almost any door system, from commercial, retail, and apartment buildings.

Surface bolts are versatile slide locks used to secure doors and cabinets. As the name implies, the bolt mechanism is mounted on the surface and does not go into the door’s mortise. Depending on the doors you use in your home or business, surface bolts can be an incredibly useful product. Whether you work with double doors or dutch doors or want an added security level at a standard door, surface bolts can give you the stability and security you need.

Door latch guards prevent unauthorized access to the latch bolt on a lockset, which helps deter break-ins and avoid repairs. Protect your doors from tampering and latch prying with steel security latch protector plates.

It’s essential to look into these options year-round, but especially during the holiday season. If you are interested in adding a latch guard to your pedestrian door, call today for a free consultation! Your security is important to us.