Raynor Sentinel WiFi Garage Door Opener

Posted Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

Cressy is an authorized dealer of Rayner Doors. We invite you into our showroom and shop for your new secure and aesthetically pleasing garage door for your home.

Stay connected to your home with the latest in technology with the Raynor Sentinel WiFi garage door opener with a built-in HD camera and 2-way communication is connected by myQ® technology. See what matters. Secure what’s inside.

How’s it work? 

You can stay connected to what’s happening at home when you aren’t there! The Raynor Sentinel residential garage door opener is built with an integrated HD camera that lets you see who is coming and going in your garage through a live feed or recorded event. Recording begins when motion is detected, even at night thanks to built-in night vision. Want to talk to anyone you see in your garage? This door opener is also equipped with 2-way audio for real-time communication. Ensure your family and possessions are safe and secure with a reliable garage door opener that’s simple to use, dependable, and myQ® connected.

What is myQ® technology?

 myQ technology enables you to securely monitor and control your garage door opener with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Alerts can be received as email or pop-up (push) notifications on your mobile device so that you always know the status of your garage door. myQ mobile app is a free download requiring no annual activation fee. Available on both apple and android.

Security+ 2.0™ Security+ 2.0 safeguards your household, with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener so that the door opens only for you. PosiLock® locks down your garage door by electronically monitoring against a forced opening.

The Sentinel Wifi garage door opener is energy efficient and consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode.

For 75 years, whether it’s a residential garage door for your home, or a sectional or rolling door for a commercial or agricultural application, Raynor Garage Doors products are crafted for dependable, long-lasting performance.

Cressy Door and Fireplace serving the Seattle area with locations in Kent & Shoreline. Join us in our showroom in  Kent,  and shop today. We welcome all walk-ins but please note this is a design-build staging room, not an over-the-top fancy retail store.  But then again, we don’t charge over-the-top retail prices.