Puyallup Garage Door Repair


You kind of pay tribute to the Pacific Northwest when you live in Puyallup. With the Washington State Fair and Daffodil Festival, there’s something so uniquely Washington about the city. However, living in a city with these amazing events is all well and good until you get stuck in your garage due to a garage door issue.  If that happens to you, then you need to call a professional who can come out and provide the help needed, regardless of the garage door problem. 


Our professionals at Cressy Door and Fireplace work with all types of garage door brands and issues to provide you with the best outcome to your situation. Cressy door can offer more insight on what they can do for you and your garage door. 


Common Garage Door Issues You’re Often Faced With:

There are many different issues that arise with garage doors, but many of them can be pretty common. Whether the door is completely broken, or if you have a small issue that might be turning into a larger one; you need to have a professional look at the issue and provide more insight. 


Here are some of the more common issues that our professionals see with garage doors in Puyallup. 

  • Replacement of the sections
  • Broken springs and cables on the door and tracks 
  • Doors that are off track 
  • Cracks or breaks anywhere in the garage door or mechanisms
  • Opener or accessories that are not working 
  • Replacement of the rollers or track 


With so many issues that can arise, garage doors require regular maintenance and sometimes even major repairs. Trust in a professional who is licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable in garage door repairs and installations to come out and provide the help necessary. 


We offer emergency services, as well as consultations to provide more advice and information on the issues you’re faced with and the repairs that may be needed. This can offer some more knowledge when you need to find out if it is worth it to fix it. 


When you are looking for further help in Puyallup for your garage door, you can speak with the professionals at Cressy Door. Here to provide the necessary help, you can always trust in their professionals to offer the best advice, repair, and other services when it is needed. Don’t live without a garage door. Have it fixed with professionals in the area today! Call to schedule a time to have a specialist come out!