Options to Keep Your Basement Warm – ALL Winter!!

Posted Tuesday, October 15th, 2019


The leaves are changing, the nights are getting longer, and this means…Winter is on its way. If you’re interested in turning your home’s basement into a special living space – you might find, “Warmth” is a challenge!

Whether it’s a game room, movie lounge, or man cave, overly dry air and cold spots in the space make heating a finished basement tricky! Luckily, our friends at Redfin have evaluated some of the different basement heating options. Now, you can find the perfect combination! One which works best with your home and within your budget.

One of our friends at Redfin, guest blogger Emily Huddleston, shares some terrific insights on her blog…

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At Cressy Door and Fireplace, we agree with Emily! “Warming Your Basement by Adding Extra Heat” is easy to do and cost effective. We especially like Emily’s input on the use of stoves or fireplaces to get the job done.

Use Stoves or Fireplaces by Emily Huddleston 

Basement fireplaces can be an effective and cozy addition to your space. The glow of a fireplace can also make up for the lack of light in your basement, especially on a cold winter’s day. There are a variety of fireplaces you can choose from including traditional wood-burning, gas, and electric.

While the atmosphere created by a wood-burning fireplace is hard to duplicate, they can be challenging to install in a basement, as they require a vertical flue. Gas fireplaces burn natural gas instead of wood. They are a good wood-burning alternative, as they are clean, simple to use and effective heat sources. If you don’t need your fireplace to produce a real flame, electrical fireplaces are a great option as they are inexpensive and easy to install. Lastly, if you want to restore an existing fireplace and working chimney, with something more convenient and cost-effective, consider using a fireplace insert. A fireplace insert can burn gas, wood, or pellets, and are an environmentally-friendly and efficient way of distributing heat throughout your basement.

Other options can include a wood pellet stove. These can warm the room without creating a lot of smoke or needing a chimney. Some use a minimal amount of electricity to run, while others are freestanding.

Basement Heating Options – Some Final Thought by Emily…

When you’re installing your heating components, make sure to consult with a licensed contractor to ensure you’re following safety protocols and meeting local building codes.

Staying warm in the winter can be simple. With just a few upgrades, you can continue to enjoy your basement during the colder months, regardless of how low the temperatures get.

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