See-Thru Fireplaces: Where Design Meets Comfort

Posted Thursday, November 2nd, 2017


Napoleon’s sleek linear see-thru design enhances two rooms at the same time. Every fireplace produces alluring accent lighting and provides unprecedented warmth and style. Customize these fireplaces with premium media options like glass beads, natural wood selections, geometric shapes, and more. One fireplace, two rooms, exceptional views!

Napoleon Fireplace Innovations: Linear and See-Thru

Vector™ – More Information


Napoleon’s Vector™ series of linear gas fireplaces is the perfect fit for any room or anyone looking to make a statement in their home. Customize your fireplace with their selection of designer surrounds. Choose a different surround for each side of the See-Thru Vector™ unit to match and enhance your current décor.

Acies™ – More Information


Napoleon’s Acies™ series of linear gas fireplaces offer a sleek linear design and a multitude of designer options. Enjoy a complete luxurious experience, courtesy of their new Divinity™ flame pattern. The radiant glow is enjoyed through the clear glass bead ember bed with the option of adding Beach Fire, Shore Fire, Mineral Rock media enhancement kits and more, including Premium Birch.

High Definition 81 – More Information


Napoleon’s High Definition 81 is the first see thru fireplace in the industry to offer such dynamic choices for firebox design options. This stunning fireplace features exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™ that radiates a warm glow into the room even when the fireplace is off. Its split burner system produces beautiful YELLOW DANCING FLAMES®. Besides supplying two rooms with exceptional focal points, the High Definition 81 also offers the choice of a traditional PHAZER® log set, a modern CRYSTALINE™ ember bed or a glowing river rock setting.


Napoleon Fireplace Video

Dynamic Heat Control™

WHERE DESIGN MEETS COMFORT. Napoleon’s new patent pending heat management system, Dynamic Heat Control™ (DHC), is a system for managing the heat produced by the appliance at or around the fireplace, allowing it to circulate effectively within designated spaces. Design your living space how you imagine with versatile options that avoid complex and costly installation requirements.

The Dynamic Heat Control™ Plus system takes heat management to the next level. The DHC Plus™ System is designed for advanced heat management even in the event of a power outage by directing warm air to any living space where heat is needed within the home, or even exhausting the heat outside if it is not required

N O C O M P R O M I S E F U N C T I O N A L I T Y. ™

This heat management system eliminates the need for loud power vents, fan systems or blowers to provide better heat distribution. Easily install your televisions, sound bars or artwork above the fireplace to truly customize your home decor thanks to the drastically reduced temperatures above the fireplace.

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