Is it for a new garage door opener? 

Posted Monday, October 25th, 2021

Your garage door is one of the most frequently used moving equipment pieces in your entire home. You probably open and close it several times a day, which means you do so possibly hundreds of times every month. What many people fail to remember is that the garage door opener is just as important as the door itself. If your door won’t open, you probably won’t be going anywhere.



If you pay attention, there are a number of signs of a worn-down garage door opener that might mean it’s time to purchase a completely new one. Five of these most common signs are:

  1. Excessive noise: With age, the motor in your opener will have more and more trouble pulling the same garage door open. If you notice the opener is making more noise than usual, including creaking, squeaking, or clanking, it’s time to talk to a professional.
  2. Sluggish movement: Many different garage door components can be the culprit of slow movement. You shouldn’t expect any door to move at extreme speeds because that would be dangerous for anyone around it. However, if you notice your door takes much longer to rise and close than it did in the beginning, it can be another sign your opener is having trouble lifting the weight of the door and needs a replacement.
  3. Failure to open: You could have many parts to thank for a garage door that won’t open. The door could even freeze to the ground in winter if you’re not careful. If you push the button on your opener remote, however, and you hear the motor trying to operate without the door actually going anywhere, your most likely issue is the opener. Sometimes, simple solutions like batteries in the remote or power to the opener can solve the problem, but oftentimes you’ll need a new opener.
  4. Lack of reliability: Sometimes, your opener might stop working at seemingly random times and need about 15 minutes before it starts up again. Not only is this inconvenient to anyone on a schedule, but it also usually means the opener is overheating from an underpowered or aging motor. You shouldn’t have to deal with this stopping and starting in operation. Once you replace your opener, you won’t have to.
  5. Old technology: Life can be a whole lot easier with some of the new attributes that technology has introduced to garage door openers. Features like back-up batteries, ultra-quiet operation, security enhancement, remote operation and outdoor keypads can make an old opener seem like a huge inconvenience. As long as you shop around enough for exactly what you need, you’ll be able to find a garage door opener on the market that’s perfect for your unique household and lifestyle.


Don’t wait around if you notice any of the common symptoms of garage door opener failure. A malfunctioning opener can be dangerous if it stops working while the heavy garage door is in motion. The door could come crashing down on any person, pet, or belonging and cause serious damage. A completely dead opener can also mean you’re stuck outside or your car is stuck inside, which is an inconvenience at best and unsafe at worst. Call us as soon as you start to notice any of these issues to find out if it’s time for an opener replacement.


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