Top Three High Performance Fabric Doors for Specialty Applications

Posted Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Technician operating crane

Hörmann is one of the world’s leading high performance roll up door manufacturers. As a global leader in commercial roll up doors, they set the standard for quality and design and never compromise protection or safety. That’s why the team at Cressy Door and Fireplace often recommends a Hörmann door to our customers. We know we can count on Hörmann to deliver a product that is safe, well-made, and high performance.

If you are in the market for a high performance fabric door, consider Hörmann’s Speed CommanderTM 1400 Series. There are three specialty options depending upon your need and application. Here’s the rundown.

High Performance Fabric Doors for Specialty Applications


Hormann-Clean-MasterSpeed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Clean-Master 20 Pa

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Clean-Master 20 Pa was designed to support commercial applications where a pure clean environment is a necessity. Tightly sealed door openings prevent air movement while the opening speed of 80” per second greatly increases protection from contamination. Low-profile steel guide tracks are free of moving parts, promoting a pure environment. Stainless steel guide tracks are available for customers that demand the ultimate in clean. Learn More

Size: up to 10’0″ wide x 10’0″ high
Colors: Orange / Blue / Yellow / Red / Gray / White
Standard Safety Devices: An 8’0″ high light grid built into the guide tracks.

Cool-Master-HormannSpeed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Cool-Master

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Cool-Master is the ideal door for energy conscious, applications in agricultural, medical, and cooler distribution facilities. The fast operating speeds allow for a constant flow of traffic without compromising energy control and efficiency. An advanced 3 mm thick gray foam panel material maintains flexibility to +33 degrees F and helps to keep condensation to a minimum in cooler to ambient areas. What’s more, the unique sectional panel design makes it possible to replace panels easily for minimal downtime. Learn More

Size: up to 14’0″ wide x 16’0″ high
Colors: Gray
Standard Safety Devices: Light grid built into guide tracks up to 8’0″ high.

flexon_hormann_speed-commander-1400-food-master_stainless-optionsSpeed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Food-Master

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Food-Master design allows you to conform with all industry required stainless steel components. What’s more, select only the stainless steel options your application requires. This makes it possible to conveniently build a Food-Master door without paying for unnecessary stainless options. Common stainless steel components required include: roll tube / shaft, door / motor cover, guide tracks, and all hardware. Learn More

Size: up to 14’0″ wide x 16’0″ high.
Colors: Pure White
Standard Safety Devices: Light grid built into guide tracks up to 8’0″ high.

If you are looking for a high-performance fabric door and are unsure if one of the Hörmann Speed-Commander™ 1400 Series is right for you, give us a call. The team at Cressy Door and Fireplace has been recommending and installing high performance doors for decades. One of our commercial specialists will be delighted to help. Contact Cressy Door and Fireplace now!