High Speed / High Cycle Door Designs by Wayne Dalton

Posted Wednesday, July 5th, 2017


Service doors are some of the most used pieces of equipment in a facility. And, each business has a unique set of needs and expectations when it comes to service doors. While some companies value security, others desire a particular architectural style. Then there are those who simply have a need for speed.

Wayne Dalton has a new line of high speed doors with patent pending designs and durable construction. The ADV-X line features four new high speed fabric doors and one high cycle rubber door. All of these fast-acting doors have a springless design ideal for minimal interruption maintenance in the field.

ADV-X High Speed Door Highlights

Patent Pending Designs

  • Curtain lock construction makes doors field repairable: Models 880 and 881
  • Articulating roller windlock allows doors to operate under heavy wind conditions: Model 884
  • Breakaway system design provides low maintenance: Model 880

Fast Acting

  • Fully open in 4 seconds or less
  • Adjustable timer to close delay

High Cycle Design

  • Springless design requires minimal interruption for maintenance
  • Direct-mount eliminates chain and sprocket maintenance
  • Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts and reduces door wear and tear

High Speed Doors by Wayne Dalton

Model 880


Flexible Bottom Interior High Speed Fabric Door

Designed for high traffic areas where safety is a priority, Wayne Dalton’s Model 880 ADV-X interior high-speed fabric door features a flexible bottom with a detachable bottom seal that diminishes the potential for injury. Model 880 Details


Model 881

High Speed Fabric Roll Up Commercial Door Model 881

ADV-X Interior High Speed Fabric Door

Wayne Dalton’s Model 881 ADV-X interior high speed fabric door is designed to be used indoors in high traffic and environmentally controlled areas. It is ideal for distribution and manufacturing facilities that require controlled environments or where there’s high traffic from forklift operation. Model 881 Details


Model 882


ADV-X Strutted Interior High Speed Fabric Door


Wayne Dalton’s Model 882 ADV-X strutted interior high speed fabric door is a lightweight and durable door that’s ideal for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities. This high speed door is built to last. Model 882 Details


Model 883


Exterior High Speed Fabric Door


Made of a rugged fabric material, Wayne Dalton’s Model 883 ADV-X strutted high speed fabric door is designed for applications where a fast-acting exterior door is needed. Model 883 Details


Model 884


ADV-X Strutted Exterior Heavy-Duty High Speed Fabric Door

The heaviest fabric door in the ADV-X series, Model 884 ADV-X is designed for exterior applications where weather elements may be extreme. The patent-pending articulating roller wind strut reduces noise and allows the door to operate under wind load. Model 884 Details


Model 885


ADV-X Extreme Exterior High Speed Rubber Door

Wayne Dalton’s Model 885 ADV-X high speed rubber door is made with special reinforced rubber, making it our toughest door in the ADV-X series. Model 885 ADV-X is perfect for large exterior openings or applications with multiple cycles per day. Model 885 Details


If you have questions on which high speed door will fit best at your business, give us a call. One of our experienced team members will gladly assist. Contact Cressy Door and Fireplace Now!