Garage Door Repair Scam Blankets the Pacific Northwest

Posted Friday, August 18th, 2017


A garage door repair scan has spread through the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Unfortunately, the scammers are trying to reach potential customers in the same manner as reputable garage door repair companies. This can make it hard to distinguish the good from the bad.

Common Emergency Repair – Garage Door Won’t Operate

A common emergency garage door repair request happens when a garage door won’t operate. This is typically a simple repair. Scammers, however, perform unnecessary work. They charge their customers double and even triple the necessary cost to fix the garage door. They often include unneeded parts.

These extra parts, like springs, can cost a customer more than putting in an entirely new garage door system.

Top 2 Reasons Why Customers Fall Victim to Scammers

Reason #1

Customers in need call the first number they find. They also fail to get a second bid from a local reputable company.

Reason #2

Scammers take advantage of their customers’ lack of knowledge. Most people don’t understand the cost of parts or what is actually needed to repair and maintain a garage door.

Beware of advertising that is focused on emergency repairs or companies that have emergency repair specials.

When in doubt, ask.

Take a look at this consumer alert video from IDA and DASMA. Learn how consumers fall victim to garage door repair scams.


 IDA | DASMA Public Service Announcement



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IDA and DASMA are two trade organizations devoted to fair and best practices for the garage door industry.