Can Garage Door Insulation Save You Money? You bet!

Posted Tuesday, March 14th, 2017


With heating and cooling costs continually on the rise, homeowners are constantly seeking ways to keep expenses down. At Cressy Door and Fireplace we recommend starting with the windows and doors. Air can creep in or out without proper insulation just about anywhere in your home. However, windows and doors are the largest openings, and the garage door is the largest.

Garage doors are meant to open and close on a regular basis. They hinge and fold and move often. We sometimes see customers use bat insulation or spray foam insulation. We do not recommend this approach.

The constant movement of the door causes added insulations to flake, fall apart and fail. If you choose this direction, you’ll be insulating your door over and over again. Not only that, when you add weight to the door, you put your counterbalance out of adjustment. This creates a heavy door and undo wear and tear on your garage door system.

Instead, we recommend purchasing a garage door that is already fully insulated and comes with a full perimeter weather seal. These doors are specifically designed and manufactured to help stop energy loss from your home. All of the manufactures we sell offer a variety of garage door styles with varying degrees of insulation R-values.

Remember: High R-Value = Thermal Efficiency

A high R-value means that the garage door has superior thermal efficiency and good insulation. Specifically, R-value is thermal resistance to heat flow. When comparing R-values among garage door manufacturers, be sure to identify whether or not a Calculated R-Value has been based on the Door and Access System Manufacturer’s Association Scale. DASMA

Insulated Garage Doors that will Save You Money

Wayne Dalton Model 9510


Designer Steel / R-value 12

Wayne Dalton’s model 9510 features tall section heights, large windows and a full-section embossment design for a dramatic look on a premium garage door. More Information:

Wayne Dalton Model 9800

Wayne Dalton Model 9800 Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass / R-value 7.6

Wayne Dalton’s model 9800 is a designer fiberglass garage door that has been engineered with an artfully molded wood grain fiberglass surface bonded to durable steel construction. Their fiberglass garage door is as close as you can get to the warmth and beauty of wood, but without the warping, cracking or rotting of real wood. More Information: 

Wayne Dalton Model 8800

Modern Aluminum Frame / R-value 4.36

Wayne Dalton’s model 8800, full-view aluminum garage doors are designed to complement modern homes, with clean lines and an array of finishes. These doors can also enhance your home’s glass expanses and patios, perfectly fusing indoor and outdoor spaces. Model 8800 offers a variety glass options surrounded by aluminum frames that are available in both powder coat paint and anodized finishes. More Information:

Wayne Dalton Model 8700


Vinyl Series / R-value 11.75

Wayne Dalton’s Model 8700 is a vinyl garage door, engineered to provide a maintenance-free and elegant look that will last for years. These vinyl garage doors won’t rust, fade, crack, or dent. It is the ultimate door for easy-care living and excellent for coastal regions because of its resistance to salt, humidity and sand. More Information: 

For more tips on saving money through insulation visit Energy Tax Credits in Washington State.