Tacoma Automatic Doors

Tacoma Automatic Doors


Automatic doors are becoming more and more popular with businesses throughout the Tacoma and surrounding areas. If you are one of the few businesses that does not have an automatic door yet, you may be interested in both the climate control and safety benefits they offer.


With many places of interest, such as the Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art Museum, and Washington State History Museum; tourists and visitors are usually flocking the area. Why not provide them with a touchless entry and exit from your business building?


Automatic doors can be the answer to this.


Preserve the climate inside, keeping it comfortable for those working and visiting. Cressy Door and Fireplace is happy to provide a large selection of automatic doors to choose from including:

Offering everything from the sale of the door to the installation, and even the maintenance; you can trust that Cressy Door and Fireplace is there to provide everything you need.  Having worked with many different types of automatic doors in the past, our team is experienced in repairs, replacements, maintenance, and installations.


Regardless of the industry you work in, healthcare, commercial sales or anything in between; Cressy Door and Fireplace can help you find the best door solution that fits the needs you have.

Simply contact us today to find out how our professionals can provide the help you seek.