R&S Fire Doors

Durable | Secure | Efficient

R&S Fire Doors combine the durability, security, efficiency and space saving advantages of a rolling service door with the added life and property saving benefits of automatic fire protection.

Fire Doors are designed to close automatically from a fully open position. Fire Doors are not designed for use in high cycle applications.

Many options are available including Electronic Release Devices, smoke detectors, battery back- up systems, perimeter gasketing, vision lites, and more. Call for more info.


  • Mounting: Face of wall or between jamb
  • Operation: Push-up to 8′ wide and high and chain hoist on larger sizes is standard; awning crank, crank box or motor operation is optional
  • Automatic Closing: Thermally activated by 165 degrees fusible links, with the closing speed regulated by a governor device operative only during automatic closing
  • Curtain: Interlocking slats are roll formed from galvanized steel coil. Gage of slats is as required by the listing. Endlocks are riveted to slats to maintain curtain alignment. Bottom of curtain is reinforced by a double steel angle foot piece.
  • Guides: Steel channels or structural steel angles from curtain guides are bolted to structural steel wall angles. Sizes of guides are as required by the listing.
  • Brackets: Steel plate brackets are bolted to wall angles to support curtain and barrel and provide mounting for hood.
  • Hood: Formed from minimum 24 gage galvanized steel sheet, reinforced with top and bottom flanges to limit deflection. A thermally released integral flame baffle is provided when required by the listing.
  • Locking: Chain lock with chain operation and slide bolt locks with push-up or crank operation.
  • Finish: Slats and hoods are pre-finished with a baked on grey polyester primer before forming. Foot piece, guides and brackets receive one coat of rust inhibiting black primer.

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