Eliason Model FMP

Flexible Doors

The Eliason® FMP is a flexible, top-mounted-only impact traffic door that is suited for a variety of applications, including Retail, Grocery, Commercial and Industrial.

The door body is constructed of two layers of .120” thick textured PVC bonded back to back. Flexible balloon seals are provided on the jamb edge and wiper seals are provided at the top and bottom of each door panel.

The internal bracket pocket is constructed with heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon material which wraps completely around the vertical hinge post. Standard vision panels are 15” x 14” clear flexible PVC centered 60” from the floor in each panel.

The FMP operates on the Eliason top-mounted-only gravity hinging system which means that there are no bottom hinges to become damaged or to maintain. No bottom hinge also means that these doors will survive very well where wide loads are passing through narrow openings.

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