Eliason Model FD-6000 Sliding

Cooler & Freezer Doors

Eliason’s freezer horizontal sliding doors are designed for high cycle applications and are available in both single slide and bi-parting door configurations, and can be manually or motor operated.

Eliason sliding doors feature a highly durable FRP perimeter frame system with internal steel reinforcements, a variety of face sheet materials and a urethane foamed-in-place core.

Eliason’s unique gasket system utilizes blade type gaskets on all perimeter edges, eliminating the need for “down and in” track systems and extending gasket life. Adjustable concealed floor guide systems mount under the door as opposed to competitive guides that are installed in front of the door panels where they are exposed to impact.

All door models are available as either manual or electric motor operated and are custom designed to your specifications. Electric models feature a 1/2 HP motor with instant reversing, variable opening and closing speeds with soft start/stop and emergency release on both sides.

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