Besam ICU Sliding Door

Besam VersaMax – revolutionary design…revolutionary performance

In critical hospital environments, the demands for safe, efficient patient care require versatile products, a wide array of features and configurations with unsurpassed reliability.

The Besam VersaMax sliding door is designed for ease of use and offers superior patient privacy while maximizing clear door openings to help meet the requirement of patient and equipment transportation. Specialized optional features are available to enhance the Besam VersaMax offering including smoke rated packages, anti static systems, active leaf dampeners, MicroShield coating, privacy blinds and electro static glass.

VersaMax Touchless – go beyond the standard ICU door

For automatic entrance needs, the Besam VersaMax Touchless Telescopic sliding door provides automatic convenience with touchless activation. Available touchless sensor conveniently opens doors, eliminating contact with handles to reduce the risk of spreading disease.

Product Information