Fire Doors: What are they and why do we need them?

Posted Thursday, March 15th, 2018


Anyone who occupies or visits a building has a right to be protected against accidental or intentional fire break out. Since fire doors can prevent the spread of fire and smoke, they are an integral part of every building’s fire protection system. Fire doors keep the fire contained to a particular compartment or room, giving occupants longer to escape and the firemen longer to rescue anyone who is trapped.

At Cressy Door and Fireplace we believe it is essential to choose the right fire door for your situation. It must also be properly specified, installed, and maintained to provide the necessary protection. Here are some of the most popular fire doors recommended by our team.

Wayne Dalton Fire Doors and Counter Shutters

Wayne Dalton FireStar® Rolling Steel Fire Doors and Counter Shutters provide a practical and innovative solution to safety and fire protection. Their line of FireStar® products feature a forward-thinking design that outperforms industry standard in all areas. They are easy to test, have a quiet smooth operation, and can be relied upon for long-lasting performance.

FireStar® Rolling Fire Doors

FireStar® Rolling Fire Door Model 700

fire-door-model-700The FireStar® Rolling Steel Fire Doors provide a practical and innovative solution to safety and fire protection. FireStar® doors can be drop-tested and reset at any time by anyone, thanks to a standard auto-reset feature. Door Details

FireStar® Rolling Fire Door Model 700C


The FireStar® Model 700C Rolling Steel Insulated Fire Door has all of the features of the Model 700 plus it is insulated with a non-combustible mineral wool insulation. This prevents flame spread and smoke development. Door Details

FireStar® Fire Counter Shutters

FireStar® Fire Counter Shutter Models 540 and 550


The FireStar® Models 540 and 550 fire-rated counter shutters satisfy the demands of applications that require certified and labeled fire protection for your property, as well as a pleasing appearance. Wayne Dalton’s innovative and exclusive design provides lift-up operation that is extremely easy to test and does not require tools to reset the mechanism. As an added bonus, the design offers very quiet and smooth functionality. Door Details

Integral Frame Fire Counter Shutter Model 570


Wayne Dalton’s Integral Frame Fire Counter Shutters provide an attractive appearance for a variety of applications, including food service counters. Whether you choose a curtain of galvanized steel or stainless steel, you will receive a shutter that is both durable and attractive. These counter shutters feature all steel 16-gauge frames, fascia and hood, as well as 14-gauge sills. Bottom bars are fabricated of steel or stainless steel for added durability. Door Details


If you have questions about the best fire door or counter shutter for your building, give the team at Cressy Door and Fireplace a call. Our fire door specialists are on hand to assist you. Call Cressy Door and Fireplace now!