Common Causes of Garage Door Noise

Posted Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

Common Causes of Garage Door Noise

Irritated by that little jammed noise coming from your garage door? It’s time you call a garage door repairman to fix that! Doing routine maintenance prevents future costly repairs, inconvenient, nosey, or inoperable systems that could leave the items in your garage or even your house lacking the security it requires. There could be several reasons why there are noises coming from your garage door here in Seattle!

Damaged Tracks

Damaged tracks in your garage door structure are a sign of old age or can be the result of force exerted upon it that hinders the smooth opening or closing of the door. Tracks carry the garage doors upwards and back down safely. If any heavy object is hanging on it or a strong force such as a car hits the door, it’s likely that the track will be damaged. Damaged tracks require you to call a garage door repair company to get them fixed right away!

Loose Chain

A loose chain in your garage door mechanism is a common reason that your garage door may have trouble opening or closing smoothly. Take a close look to see if the chain is not holding up correctly — is it loose or drooping somewhere? That could be making a strange noise as it gets stuck. If this is the case with your garage, it’s time for us to come replace your chain!

Poor Lubrication

An often missed problem with garage doors is a lack of proper lubrication. If you check your garage door for problems and see that the tracks and chains both appear perfectly fine, your issue could be poor lubrication. Call a garage door repairman and ask for suggestions to know what would suit your garage door better.

Door Imbalance Issues

If you notice your garage door hanging mid-way before closing, it is probably imbalanced. This type of imbalance could be causing the strange noise you’re hearing, as it usually creates a squeaking sound when trying to raise or lower the garage door. If your garage door appears stuck in an off-balanced position, it is time for a garage door repair from your garage door experts at Cressy Door!


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