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Posted Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

IronStrike is one of the best-rated gas fireplace insert manufacturers in the nation. Their bold mission, “Provide consumers warmth and dependable heat with lifelong reliability,” is achieved year after year. The team at Cressy Door and Fireplace recommends IronStrike 5 to 1.

“Our customers are always satisfied with an IronStrike gas fireplace insert. I especially like the Madison Park™ model. You have the option to create a sleek contemporary look or a traditional masonry-style fireplace.” Rick Witters, Owner

Best Rated Gas Fireplace Inserts by IronStike US

IronStrike’s Madison Park™ Model Options

Madison Park™ 27 and Madison Park™ CD27


Madison Park™ 27 with Deco Face and Buff Rustic Liner

Price: $
Maximum BTU: 30,000
Min Width: 27″
Min Height: 18″

Madison Park™ 32 and Madison Park™ CD32


Madison Park CD32 with Black Porcelain Liner

Price: $$
Maximum BTU: 34,000
Min Width: 32″
Min Height: 19 1/2″

Madison Park 34 and Madison Park™ CD34


Madison Park™ 34 with Contemporary Face and Buff Rustic Liner

Price: $$$
Maximum BTU: 38,000
Min Width: 34″
Min Height: 24″

IronStrike’s Madison Park™ Remote Option

Total Comfort Control™

IronStrike’s Total Comfort Control™ remote lets you adjust the room temperature exactly where you are relaxing. With six heat and blower settings, you achieve precise control to heat the space around you efficiently. The remote’s SMART settings automatically lower flame height as the room reaches your ideal temperature. Enjoy dependable heat without making continuous adjustments.

IronStrike’s Madison Park™ Face Options

Sante Fe


Sante Fe Face Option


Contemporary Face Option

Contemporary Face Option



Deco Face Option

Interior Liner Options

Buff Rustic

Buff Rustic Liner

Buff Rustic Liner

Black Porcelain


Black Porcelain Liner

Red Rustic


Red Rustic Liner

For more information on Cressy Door and Fireplace’s complete selection of best-rated gas fireplace inserts visit the IronStrike Gallery on our website.

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