Newest Trends for Auto Dealership Facility Upgrades

Posted Wednesday, January 16th, 2019


Auto dealership facility upgrades are often a point of contention between the manufacturers and the dealers. The investment can be quite large, and the return on investment uncertain. Regardless of this fact, many manufacturers are requiring franchise owners to invest or else. In fact, many owners can lose their dealership all together if they don’t comply.

What’s the upside?

In addition to creating new and swanky spaces for prospective customers, many dealers are going all out and putting in all kinds of contemporary doors. From automatic entrance doors to innovative materials and high-speed service doors, there is no doubt these amazing doors add style and convenience to each and every dealership.

Here are some of the newest auto dealership door options available for the Pacific Northwest through Cressy Door and Fireplace.


grand-entrances-recordrecord 5100 Series Automatic Entrances

With the record 5100 Series, door panels open and close in an elegant and noiseless movement and at different, harmoniously coordinated speeds. This interesting motion is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The telescopic sliding door operator is ideal for narrow passages where the opening width obtained with a standard sliding door would not be sufficient. Crowded entrances are no problem as it opens quickly and quietly. Learn More

Hormann-Speed-Guardian-5000Hörmann Flexon Speed-Guardian™ 5000 U

This high-speed door was built for the automotive retail industry. New in 2017 – The Speed-Guardian™ 5000 Series of high performance rigid panel doors replaces the Speed-Guardian™ 4000 Series and offers several exciting updates:  more efficient slat designs, NEMA 4X Smart Start™ NXT control box as standard, and optional tinted vision slats for privacy. Learn More


Want something really swanky for your auto dealership? Put one of these gorgeous fireplaces from Stellar Hearth Products in your showroom.

Stellar Hearth Aspiration Series

The Aspiration Technology takes design, light, glass and fire to the level of sophistication and customization you have been dreaming about. At the very core of this custom fireplace series are standard lighted backgrounds and customized burners powered by LED lights that can be programmed to an infinite amount of colors and sequences. Learn More

Stellar Hearth Galaxy Series

With taller viewing areas and more BTU’s of flame than any others in its class, the Galaxy Series fireplaces are beautiful additions to any room. The multi-sided units make excellent room dividers and the optional mirrored panels create unique reflections that give endless iterations of the fire. Learn More

If you are looking for new and innovative solutions for your auto dealership, give the team at Cressy Door and Fireplace a call. We have the experienced staff to answer all of your questions and to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Call us today! 

Galaxy Series from Stellar Hearth Products on Vimeo.