High Cycle & Springless Rolling Grilles: Top Selection by Wayne Dalton

Posted Monday, March 26th, 2018

Wayne-Dalton-600 ADV-Rolling-Grille

Model 600 ADV Grille

High Traffic Solution with Lasting Durability

In today’s world, security and low-maintenance are key factors when deciding on the best type of rolling door solution for your business. At Cressy Door and Fireplace, we find that Wayne Dalton has some of the most innovative rolling door solutions on the market. Rest assured, when you choose a Wayne Dalton rolling door, you’ll be satisfied. They perform as promised day in and day out for years.

If you’re looking for a rolling grille for a high traffic area, choose the Wayne Dalton 600 ADV Grille. It’s the perfect solution for high cycle or high traffic areas. Plus it’s three times faster than a standard rolling grille. What’s more, it’s durable and built to last. We recommend them for parking garages, auto dealerships, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and airports.

Introducing the Wayne Dalton 600 ADV Grille


Max Width: 30’4”
Max Height: 14’4”
Construction: Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Opening Time: 24” per second
Motor Warranty: 60-month limited
Grille Components Warranty: 24-month / 300,000 cycles
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Wear-resistant guide system featuring UHMW wear strips on both the outer and middle angles of the guides to significantly reduce curtain wear.


  1. Springless Barrel Design: Springless high cycle design allows for the door system to be opened and closed frequently. This assures asset longevity and reliable performance over an extended time. Save money by not having to incur the cost of spring replacement.
  2. Heavy-Duty Commercial Photo Eyes: Photoelectric sensors reverse the downward motion of the grille when a person or object enters its path.
  3. Direct-Drive Heavy Duty Gearbox and Motor with Built-In Breaking Device: Ideal for high cycle applications. No drive chain and sprocket to adjust and maintain. Braking mechanism protects against uncontrolled travel. Manual hand chain override for door operation during power loss.
  4. Wireless Safety Edge: Wireless, monitored safety edge reverses downward motion upon impact.
  5. NEMA 4X Control Panel with Built-In Variable Frequency Drive: Allows door to close at a slower speed than it opens to meet safety requirements. LCD readouts indicate door actions, alarms, and fault conditions. Timer to close programming options and non-resettable cycle counter are included for maintenance and service reminders.

Still questioning whether or not the Wayne Dalton 600 ADV Grille is right for you? Give the team at Cressy Door and Fireplace a call. One of our highly skilled commercial door specialists can assist you in identifying precisely what you need. Call Cressy Door and Fireplace now!