5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Garage Door Repair

Posted Wednesday, December 21st, 2016


No one wants to spend a lot of money on a garage door repair. Unfortunately, if you do not properly take care of your doors this can happen. It’s also important to beware of deceptive garage door companies. They can take advantage of homeowners needing a quick fix. At Cressy Door and Fireplace, we strive to provide a competitive price. And, we consistently give outstanding service and best-in-class repairs with a guarantee.

Here’s 5 ways to save money on your next garage door repair.

#1 Invest in regular maintenance

Having your garage doors serviced on a regular basis can help keep your doors in good shape. This will reduce the chances of damage and prevent the need for repairs in the first place. We advise a yearly inspection by a trained technician.

#2 Choose a quality garage door

When purchasing a garage door, choosing one of higher quality and made of the right materials for your situation is best. It may cost more upfront, however, quality materials last longer and will typically mean fewer repairs than if you had purchased a cheap garage door. Take into consideration the environment as well. Garage doors made of something other than wood will likely last longer in moist areas.

#3 Get help as soon as you know there is a problem

It’s extremely common for homeowners to notice a problem with their garage door but decide to wait to repair it. Perhaps they think it will get better on its own. We have news, it won’t. In fact, it will likely get worse. And what’s more, the repair will likely become more expensive. As soon as you have a problem, call a professional.

#4 Do Not “Do-It-Yourself”

Many homeowners are under the false assumption that fixing the garage door on their own will save them money. This is almost NEVER the case. Garage doors are extremely heavy and under great tension. The mechanisms are complicated and someone who does not know what they are doing, will likely cause more damage. Worse yet, you can get severely injured.

#5 Choose a Reputable and Experience Garage Door Company

Get the job done correctly the first time. It will cost you less time and money.

Not sure how to choose a reputable garage door repair company? Here are some great questions to ask. How To Choose A Reputable Garage Door Company?