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Cressy Door and Fireplace is an A+ rated garage door and fireplace company serving communities across the Pacific Northwest including Alaska, since 1952. Our showrooms are located in Seattle (Shoreline) and Kent Washington. We have a team of certified experts available Monday thru Friday, 7am - 4pm, to answer any and all questions in regards to garage doors and fireplaces.

A Relationship Built Over Time, Over Trust

Cressy Door and Fireplace is committed to providing our NW neighbors Best-In-Class-Service. We are your trusted advisor for all questions related to sales, installation and service of your garage doors, commercial doors and fireplaces. As the local subject matter experts, we stay in touch, listen and find the best solutions. We are approachable and available. We’ll be there when you call.

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Garage Door Basics


At Cressy Door and Fireplace, we want our customers to be informed. That’s why we created our blog, “Ask Cressy.” You may pose any question by simply filling out the “Ask Cressy” form on our blog. One of our garage door, commercial door or fireplace experts will respond promptly.

Spring Time Projects


Life is all about first impressions. The way we look can help us feel better about ourselves and certainly has something to say to people we pass by during our day. The same is true for the appearance of our home. If our yard is messy and front door or garage door has chipped or old paint, we give the impression that we simply do not care about appearances. Why leave a bad impression? Updating or replacing your garage door can be easy when you enroll the right professionals to assist.

Understanding Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-Rated_Doors_Cressy_Door_Blog_March_16.jpgFire-rated doors and frames play a vital role in minimizing property damage during a fire as well as keeping people safe. There are multiple components of a door that can be rated to withstand fire for a specified amount of time. Some of these include: doors, doorframes, window frames, hardware, transoms, sidelights and glazing.

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