Seattle Automatic Doors

Seattle Automatic Doors


With the chilly air and rainy seasons, Seattle is definitely a place where you want to have automatic doors installed for you business or commercial property. Preserve the temperature inside the building, and keep it dry with the use of no-touch automatic doors.


As a standard with many businesses, there are many benefits you can get when you add automatic doors to the building you do business in.


Seattle is a busy city, and due to this; you want to keep things as simple and efficient as possible. Welcome visitors in a no-touch environment, as your business' doors open for them.


Cressy is proud to offer a wide selection of automatic doors, so you can choose the style that best fits the space, the building, and your needs. Regardless of where in Seattle your business is located, Cressy Door and Fireplace can provide the quality doors you require including:


You don’t just have to purchase through us. Cressy Door and Fireplace are more than happy to provide the installation as well as the ongoing maintenance support you may need.


Automatic doors have integrated door assemblies. Work with our team to ensure they continue to run as smoothly as possible. Whether it is ours, or other brands, we can provide maintenance, service, and repairs as needed.


We are proud to have worked with a number of businesses throughout the Seattle area. From healthcare to commercial buildings, and beyond. Cressy Door and Fireplace would be more than happy to help you with your specific door needs, regardless of your business type.


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