Parking Garages

Sectional, Coiling or Rolling Steel Doors
High-speed Traffic Doors
Steel Sliding and Swinging Gates

parking garage (2)There are many choices available for parking garages to suit your particular needs such as sectional doors, coiling/rolling steel doors, high-speed traffic doors and steel sliding/swinging gates.

Some parking garages are fairly easy to supply a garage door for. These are the low cycle type, meaning the door only opens up in the morning, stays open all day and then closes for the night.

Other parking garages require special high cycle considerations. At Cressy Door Company< we can supply garage doors rated up to 100,000 cycles. (Each up and down of the door equals one cycle.) Cressy Door also offers automatic sliding and swinging wrought iron gates that are rated for even higher cycles.

Cressy Door’s professional staff will design a door for your parking facility to meet your specifications. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive solution or just need a replacement product to keep your current operation running smoothly, we are here to provide the level of service you need. From coiling doors and grilles to wrought iron gates, Cressy Door Company has a solution for your parking garage needs.

Call our highly experienced Commercial Department at 1-800-321-6394 or 206-632-0533 for more information on how we can help you get the right system for your parking garage.

Available garage door options include:

  • High cycle springs
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • High cycle guides
  • Automatic timers to open and/or close the door at a preset time.
  • Remote control transmitters from the basic system to a deluxe system that actually allows the building manager to delete only one remote control without effecting any other remote controls. This is very useful if an transmitter gets lost or stolen or if a tenant becomes delinquent in their rent.
  • To help prevent damage to vehicles or the garage door reversing devices such as reversing bottom edges, reversing photo eyes and loop detectors are highly recommended.
  • Automatic exiting devices to open the door when a vehicle approaches the door.
  • Ventilated doors for garage exhaust fan systems, from fully open grille doors to perforated or fenestrated doors.
  • Electronic interfaces to work with other garage systems such as card readers or security devices.